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Pancevo News in ENglish April 28th

Council Session Confirms Town Income of 100 Million Serbian Dinars

The joint income for town budget in the first three months of the year is about 101 million Serbian dinars, stated assistant secretary for budget Vera Stamenic. The least income is from property tax, as well as fees for the environment protection. There is less money from utilities. The reports on public enterprises for water, hygiene, transport and others have been adopted on the session.


World Dance Day in Pancevo

World Dance Day April 29th is set by International Dance Council of UNESCO and is celebrated since 1982. This year it will be marked in Pancevo as well with photo exhibition and presentation of clubs, schools, groups and different dancing associations around the town.


First International Rugby Festival for Veterans on April 30th

Rugby club Dinamo and town of Pancevo will be hosts to the First International Rugby Festival for Veterans. The festival will take place on Saturday April 30th. Also the first meting of executive board of European Vetarn Rugby Association (EVRO) will also be held. A large number of guests is expected from abroad and we hope that the festival will become a tradition, stated secretary of Rugby club Dinamo in Pancevo Marko Sekulovic.


Pancevo News in ENglish April 27th

Mayor Checked New Buses

Mayor Mrs Vesna Martinovic has checked seven used buses, which came as a donation from French Union. Seven Renault buses will improve the transport in public transport enterprise ATP, stated director Nenad Stojmenovic. The Mayor added that although the buses are old they will improve the transport.


Finishing Exams in Primary School June 23rd and 24th

Minister of education and science Zarko Obradovic has adopted the decision that the finishing exams for primary school will be on 23rd and 24th of June. The exam on mother tongue will be on June 23rd and on mathematics on June 24th.


Social Democratic League of Vojvodina Asks for Full Salaries for Mothers on Maternity Leave

Social Democratic League of Vojvodina continued its initiative for full salaries for mothers on maternity leave. Vice- president of the town committee in Pancevo stated that they will send the proposal to town assembly for next sitting and expects that the proposal will be adopted.


Pancevo News in English April 26th

Petition for Establishing REKOM

Petition for establishing REKOM, Regional Commission for Discovering Facts about war crimes and other violation of human rights on the territory of former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001, starts in Pancevo today. The first signature of support will be signed by Mayor Mrs Martinovic as well as executive director of Civil Action in Pancevo Ljiljana Spasic. The petition will be signed in 30 towns across Serbia, as well as in former republics of Yugoslavia.



Novo Selo Village: Help in Food for Kosovo

After the Easter holiday civil association Ravnogorac from Banatsko Novo Village will start the humanitarian action to gather food for Kosovo. The action is supported bz the Serbian Orthodox Church and pensioner’s association from Novi Sad. The food will be distributed through the Orthodox Church to six enclaves in Kosovo. The citizen can bring flour, cans, sugar and other food.



Cultural Centre Promotion of Pescanik

At 20.00 authors of Pescanik (Sandclock) Svetlana Lukic and Svetlana Vukovic will meet the readers at the promotion in Cultural Centre tonight. The guest on the evening will be journalist Misa Brkic, sociologist Ivan Kuzmanovic and publisher Dejan Ilic. The DVD copies about the assassination of premier Zoran Djindjic will also be distributed to the audience.


Pancevo News in English April 21st

Schoolchildren on Spring Break Tomorrow

Spring break for children in primary and secondary schools in Serbia starts tomorrow. The free days between Easter and May 1st bank holiday are free from school. The children and teachers will have 12 day break from school.


Visit of Economy Minister Nebojsa Ciric to Pancevo

Minister of Economy and regional development Nebojsa Ciric has visited factories Vojvodina a.d. in Starcevo and Seme Tamis a. d, which have become pull agricultural enterprises. Mayor of Pancevo Mrs Vesna Martinovic has stated that the problem of bad privatization is to be solved with joint efforts from Ministry of Economy and Privatisation Agency as well as local self- governments.


70 Years since Killing of the Innocent

On April 22nd a memorial plaque for those killed in 1941, will be opened on the Old Orthodox Cemetery in Pancevo. 36 people were killed in 1941 by the Germans in the revenge act. The opening of the plaque will be attended by the foreign Prime Minister Vuk Jeremic, Israel ambassador to Serbia Arthur Cole, representatives of German Embassy, members of town council and historians.


Today is Easter Thursday

Orthodox Church celebrates Easter Thursday today, as the memory on Last Supper of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Some families are coloring Easter eggs today, while others do it on Good Friday.


Pancevo News in English April 20th

World Day against Noise

World day against noise is marked today. Public Health Institute organized a public class on the topic of harmfulness of noise. The aim is to inform high school students on the bad influences of noise in cafes and discotheques. The lecture will show the results on the noise levels.


Mosquito Spraying Today

Biological mosquito spraying was performed in Pancevo today. The mosquitoes were sprayed from land and air. K- Stop spray was used and it is not harmful to people or animals or bees.


List of Pensioners Enrolled for Spas

In Pancevo associations and Pio fund the list of pensioners for free spa treatment was announced today. Out of 1193 applications, 245 pensioners will be sent to spas around Vojvodina, stated Milanko Tomasevic from PIO fund.


Matches of Third Round on Tennis Tournament Pecin Memorijal

Matches of the third round of 22nd Peca’s Tournament for tennis players up to 16 years are scheduled for today. The matches feature men and women singles and doubles matches. There are no players from Pancevo as they are all eliminated in the first round.